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Basic information about template

1. provider of ready-to-use templates, and will offering many selection and variety of high quality templates starting as low as $3.99.
2. We off custom design services too. you would chose from templates on our site as well as custom designs from scratch.
3. If you like to have a template customized. Please contact us via our online contact form. Be sure to provide the names of the templates you would like customized, as well as a detailed description of what you would like changed on each one.
4. How does online ordering work?
Simply click on the Add to cart button to add the template you are viewing to your cart, or click on the Purchase button to instantly purchase the template.
5. How long does it take for me to download my order? Download links to your templates are sent to you by email as soon as you pay. It generally takes no more than 5 minutes for you to receive the email.
6. Download access is instant. After completing your purchase you'll be get an email containing download links to your templates, as well as your customer account details. Simply click on the links in the email to download your templates, or just log in to your customer account. There are no annoying waiting periods or calls to to verify purchases.
7. Method to pay: We accept PayPal, and Google Checkout. We also accept checks (US only), cashiers checks (US only), money orders, and Western Union by mail, as well as credit card orders via Fax.
8 . If you paid with Google Checkout there may be a delay processing your order while your payment is being reviewed by Google. This usually only takes a few minutes but in some circumstances it may take longer. You can view the status of your payment in real time by logging in to your Google Checkout account. Once your payment has been successfully reviewd by Google your order will be completed and sent to you automatically. If you still cannot receive your email receipt, please contact us immediately. Be sure to include an alternate email address.
9. If you having trouble ordering from our site, please contact us and let us know. We will look into the issue and arrange an alternative way for you to order.
10. Currency: By default, all prices are shown in US dollars (USD). Note that if you select a currency other than USD, the prices you see are estimates based on the most recent currency exchange rates. At the time of purchase, you will be charged the USD amount (shown in parentheses on the ordering pages).
11. Pakaging: General Template will be made available to you as a ZIP archive file. ZIP files are "archives" in that they contain other files, and are usually compressed to not only save disk space but also speed up file transfers. "Unzipping" utilities are used to extract and decompress the files contained in a ZIP archive, and are available on all operating systems and computer architectures.
12. Will these templates work on Mac OS or Linux? Yes. All of our templates will work on any computer/operating system, including Mac OS and Linux. If you are using Mac OS X, you can open the template ZIP files with the built-in Archive Utility. For older versions of Mac OS, use StuffIt Expander. For Linux and other platforms, use the free unzip utility.
13. You can change any of the pictures shown in our templates. For most of the images, such as small photos and pictures, you can simply swap them out for your own images. For other images, such as those integrated into the design of the site, you can use an image editor such as Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Photoshop to change them.
14.Those "Lorem Ipsum Dolor" text shown in your templates and why is it there? "Lorem Ipsum Dolor" text (or simply "Lipsum") is commonly used throughout the design industry as placeholder or sample text. At a glance it looks like normal text, which helps demonstrate what a template would look like if it were filled with real content.
15. Template: A website template is basically a premade web page, similar to other kinds of templates you may have come across (such as document templates in a word processor or a greeting card template). The template includes a complete layout with graphics, but does not include any text.
16. Creating: Creating an effective web design can be challenging and even too time consuming in some situations. It's possible to pay a web design firm to create your design, but this isn't an option for everyone due to the high costs involved. However, by using a website template, you get the benefits of a design made by real design professionals at a fraction of the time and cost. Simply choose the design you want, purchase it, and start building your site immediately.
17. You can purchase templates from our site to build sites for your clients. This is ideal for designers who want to provide quality work to their clients at a lower cost. Please note this is subject to some restrictions. Please read our Terms of Use for more information.