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pumpkin_b6) Pumpkin: known as "God melon". Pumpkin can prevent obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol. Cancer prevention have a good effect, pumpkin high content of vitamin A is ordinary people can not imagine. Also rich in vitamin C, calcium and fiber, but also inhibition of carcinogen Trp-P with unknown ingredients. 


麦麸7) wheat bran: the best anti-cancer dietary fiber alias bran,  Wheat bran is the main nutrient of the "warehouse", B vitamins, selenium, magnesium and other minerals and fiber almost all concentrated on it. It can prevent and treat colorectal cancer, diabetes and hypercholesterolemia, hyperlipidemia, constipation, hemorrhoids and so on. Therefore, many experts believe that wheat bran is the best anti-cancer dietary fiber.


萝卜8) Radish: root vegetables in the "health protection of God,"  
Radish has phlegm, diuretic function. Radish contains a variety of enzymes, can eliminate the carcinogenic effects of nitrosamines, which can stimulate the body's immune lignin, increased macrophage activity, enhance its phagocytic ability to kill cancer cells. From spicy radish mustard oil, which can stimulate bowel movements and promote the exclusion of carcinogens, inhibition of radish also contains many mutagenic activity of unknown composition. Radish in the vitamin C content than apples, pears than 8 - 10 times. The result is rich in carotene carrot, also has excellent anti-cancer effect.

猕猴桃9) Kiwi: Vitamin C content of the highest ranking fruit brown, shaped like potatoes, green as emerald within which, Gly and delicious, The fruit is rich in sugars, proteins, lipids, vitamins, organic acids and minerals. Vitamin C content of the highest ranking, per 100 grams of fruit containing 200 mg, is almost 100 times citrus, tomatoes 30 times, is truly "natural vitamin C tablets," also rich in vitamins protect vascular function P , its high nutritional value.


10) Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, especially ones with outer skins such as apples, peaches and pears. In addition to the added fiber the skin has, it will also help to add moisture to your stool. Comsum Yogurt and kefir, it provide probiotics -- beneficial, bacteria that promote digestive health and immune function. Probiotics may help prevent or treat hemorrhoids. Have whole grains food in the meal. These are best to help treating and preventing hemorrhoids.

11) Protect eyes with vitamin A, Good dietary sources of vitamin A are beef or chicken liver, cod liver oil, milk and eggs. Of cause, eat fruit and vegetable.


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